Platform Engineering is not only about technology. It’s more about organising core IT capabilities to work as a Service, fighting Developers Cognitive Load & boosting Application Teams productivity. You won’t do it just by the automation & technology itself – you need to manage way how Core IT works in your Company.

It’s not another one like “write Kubernetes operators” course. It’s about when it makes sense and how to “bring real business value with Internal Developer Platform”. 

We will learn practical techniques how to analyse cognitive load, design the Platform Services, select technology fitting your Company; measure the Platform Success & build a business case for Platform Engineering initiative. Course is fully online!

There are five modules in the course

  • First one is about standardising DevSecOps as a practice – on technical & cultural level, being a foundation for understanding Platform Engineering
  • Second is about basic Platform Engineering concepts – how is it different than DevOps, what is Operating Model and how can we organize DevSecOps Engineers & Technologies around different topology of teams
  • Third is about Cognitive Load recognition & Platform design. You will learn analytical techniques to recognize the Developers need & design a Platform, that your Developers will benefit from. I am going to convince you, that technology should be a result of services & operating model design. We will design Platform Services & learn how to select technology & write a backlog so it won’t interrupt business operations And also how to measure the Platform Success with metrics!
  • Fourth is about mistakes  you can make as Platform Manager – and hints how to avoid it from my experience managing Internal Developer Platforms since 2020.
  • Fifth is about building a Business Case for a Platform – both for Software Companies and internal IT departments. We will review how & whom to sell the very idea of Platform Engineering.
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