Within my over ten years in IT Industry, I’ve managed to play multiple roles on Products, Projects & Programs Delivery. Today I combine programmer, analyst, architect, manager – and technology consultant experience, being able to serve as a middleman between Business Experts, Managers, Executives and Developers, focused not on technology, but on Business Value Streams.

With this background, besides just advisory or architecture topics, I concluded repeatable, organised services. Each one is designed to be a component I’ve seen missing within multiple digital transformations between Business & IT Teams, Strategies & Perception. Empowered with the services & years of experience, I will help you discover, strategise, plan – and most importantly, execute the real change.

I am not another Powerpoint Consultant from Big Consulting Company. I know how to engineer Your Transformation and deliver it, starting from Business Value Streams, through IT Operating Model, ending in Kubernetes namespace’s & clusters structure for Internal Developer Platform.

You have a Business Idea, but no backlog, no architecture, no design…? Don’t worry.

We can conclude Minimum Viable Product in 2 weeks!

With me, you don’t need months of business and system analysis. And with my approach, you are going to have an MVP in Production within weeks. Even if you don’t have an engineering power – I’ll bring a Team!

How is it possible? Check on the details below!

Software Backlog & Architecture in 2 weeks. And then – fast delivery!

If your Business Analysts are concluding requirements, walking Domain by Domain, while Customer is waiting for a Solution – and clock is ticking… or your Experts needs some guidance and space for structured discussion on new Market Game-changer (your Product!) – I can help you! Even if you have just a fuzzy idea and market feeling.

Using battle-tested, market-known & own techniques – which I’ve been using for 10 years within my Analyst & Architect experience, I can lead your Team from the very idea to backlog within just 2 weeks. With my help, you will avoid hundreds of hours on Analysis – and focus on Product Delivery with exactly needed Scope: defined, described and planned.

What will you get in return?

  • Using market-known methods and my experience (methods I’ve described here), I will facilitate a 4 days workshop for your Business & Tech Team in order to conclude a backlog for a Product. I’ve been using those methods for years – and I will help your Team focus on the business goals and the essential features of your future solution. Yes, just 4 days is enough to have a full skeleton of the Backlog. Sometimes even less.
  • Then, I’ll spend a time with you Product Owner and Architects to help them prioritize the backlog, decompose into architecture & detail the acceptance criteria.
  • If you don’t have an Engineering Team (or need to upscale it) – I’ll introduce the best Engineers from BlueSoft to join the initiative.

2 weeks from zero into detailed backlog with technical solution is just enough. I’ve done this multiple times with Blockchain Product, Credit Card Lending, Warehouse Management System, New Banking Solution for Branches. No matter if it is a new idea, or new features to existing solution – or even old solution to be replaced with new (monolith exit) – I will help you speed this initiative up.

Your Application Teams are struggling / playing with Technology instead of focusing on Business Value Delivery?

Your DevSecOps or Infrastructure Teams are a bottleneck? Agile Transformation is failing? Time to change that!

In short – I’ll introduce you to the Platform Engineering world, creating your Internal Developer Platform. Onboarding a new Team by creating full environment* for Software Delivery will take 15 minutes. Onboarding a Team Member few minutes. Publishing Software to Production fully automated. Sound’s nice, right?

* and by that I don’t mean just an infrastructure. Everything! Demo Application, Automated Pipelines, Runtime Engine, Observability Tools, Security, guidelines… seriously, everything! So your Teams no longer wait or struggle with technology.

How is it possible? Check on the details below!

Platform Engineering: missing part for successful Agile Transformation.

You have bunch of DevOps Tools – but still something is not working on organization or responsibilities level? I will help you properly engineer DevOps – in full scale: with Strategyzing, Review, Assessment, Operating Model, Technical & Functional Backlog.
I’ll support your DevOps Team into making a DevOps Platform out of existing Toolset – or planning Platforms from scratch, which fits your actual need.

Or – maybe you are in the middle of Agile Transformation of your business, but you also want this change technically possible – by creating an environment for engineers, on which multiple software teams can release automatically and frequently, without spending thousands on licenses? I’ll help you organize, manage and understand the Agile Transformation for your IT.

“Consulting Company did some Strategyzing about Agile and DevOps, but we don’t know how to approach it or make it happen” – love it! let’s talk. I like to do things that actually brings the value to the table.

What will you get in return?

  • Utilising Technology and DevOps Team by transforming DevOps Tools into Internal Developer Platform. Using market-known analitical methods and my experience in building DevOps Platforms – I will help you strategyze & execute an Environment allowing your Engineering Teams to be trully Agile. I will transform your DevOps Tools into a Platform: with DevOps Team
  • Addressing DevOps Bottlenecks with Operating Model: If you already have DevOps Tools, but feel that the tools are not fully utilised or became a bottleneck – I’ll assess your DevOps Tools and Practices to select best-fit Operating Model – transforming toolset into a real Platform.
  • Translation between Business, Executives, Software Engineers and DevOpses. If you are in the beginning of Agile Transformation – and need a safe environment for your Teams and a “translator” between Business, Software Engineers, Managers & DevOps Engineers – I’ll help you make the change, which won’t be just on paper. With engineering, management and analitical experience, I’ll help you strategyze, plan – and most importantly – find a common language about Agile & DevOps.

I don’t believe that consulting or just software tools is enough. In order to have DevOps you need to combine software with management, culture and practices within your organization. The strategy (which big companies offer) is not enough – you need to play the execution in order to call the initiative successfull. I will help you with that execution – and if you don’t have tools or people, I’ll invite BlueSoft to deliver Starboost

Software Delivery is expensive & takes a long time? Business and IT are fighting instead of cooperating? Or – maybe you are vendor locked?

What you need is to organise the Team & Architecture to reflect Business Value Streams!

And what if I tell you, that you can do more with less Engineers? Let me be your IT doctor!

How is it possible? Check on the details below!

Architecture & Team Topologies Review: improving IT at its backbone!

With a shortage of engineers, rapidly growing cost of making the business – and a need to be innovative under a thread of loosing the market, simple outsourcing or body-leasing of more engineers is no longer a solution fit for everybody.

This decade will be about maximizing the Value out of existing Software – by maximizing the Teams efficiency. You don’t need to hire more people to deliver more features – you just need to intentionally plan their cooperation. This can be achieved with flexible, loosely-coupled architecture – and well designed Teams Topology, tailor-made for Organization. Luckly – this is the same topic. And I’ll help you build your competitive advantage around it!

What will you get in return?

  • I’ll use market known techniques like Value Stream Mapping and Business Capabilities Map, allowing me (and you too!) to understand the as-is state and find improvement in Business Value delivery through Software.
  • I’ll also make an architecture review and Delivery Practices within your Teams.

As a result, you will have challenges detected and defined, findings and recommendations on improvements – in Team Topology, Practices, Responsibilities and Architecture Boundaries – in order to make Software Delivery & Operations more efficient. I will also support you in planning the change – and then supervise it.

Hiring best Engineers in IT is essential for any initiative to be successful. So… you need best recruiters to do that. And I can support them with an inside knowledge!

Using simple wording, I’ll explain what exactly DevOps Engineer does, why we need Scrum Masters, what is in scope of Product Owner role – and how many types of Architects do we have. I’ll focus both on soft and hard skills and provide you with some maps and materials supporting the hiring and managing processes.

How it works? Check on the details below!

Recruiters Training & Interviews Support: an inside perspective of Engineer

Hiring IT Engineers is easy – just ask them about frameworks, technologies and salary expectations… Right? Well, not exactly. It’s valid if you want to hire any engineer. And you need the best ones! So you need to assess not only the best technicians, but people with proper mindset, attitute and experience for a job. Luckily – I have experience in making the interviews which will evaluate that as well. All successfull Teams I have created were mostly composed of engineers I personally interviewed. Like a Team which delivered Lending System in 4 months. You need such people.. am I right?

I can help you recruit unicorns by giving you tools to recognise them. If you are overwhelmed with amount of different names within DevOps, Data or Architecture – and curious what non-typical roles actually does and what value comes from hiring them… and what non-technical questions to ask: the training or my help during interviews is for you!

What will you get in return?

  1. Training on non-typical roles in IT – for Managers and HR Department. Using simple wording, I’ll explain what exactly DevOps Engineer does, why we need Scrum Masters, what is in scope of Product Owner role – and how many types of Architects do we have. I’ll focus both on soft and hard skills and give you written guidelines based on my over a decade experience in wide roles in IT.
    • Training is 2h long, and can be played both online and onsite. It consists of one (or more similar) role selection, on which you will gather a perspective of IT Engineer & IT Business Advisor (me) on: what the roles does, what is the technology stack for the role (and which ones are complementary) – and how to measure mindset & seniority level of a candidate / team member.
  2. Interviews Support – I will help you interview your candidates for architecture, scrum master or DevOps roles. I will focus on mindset and attitude with case studies and non-typical questions detecting true knowledge on the important topics for a role (the typical ones everyone can google in seconds during online interview). I can combine both hard expertise and soft skills evaluation.

If you haven’t found a service you are looking for – or have an idea how I can help you – just let me know!